Saturday, 21 February 2009

Portfolio preview

As I'm planning to try and get some work experience this summer, it's about time I did something about it! So I've been working on a new portfolio to showcase all my work. Here's a sneak preview:



Anonymous said...

Looking good mate. Simple, uncluttered design, straight to the point. I especially like how you've used examples of your work in the interface=)

I should really get cracking on my blog redesign too I suppose (I've been tinkering for weeks but it's nowhere near finished), but I wouldn't call it a portfolio as such. Still, i'm aiming for a nice, sleek, elegant design too.

Keep up the good work!

CrowbarSka said...

Thanks! Yeah it's quite a minimalistic design, partly because I don't have a huge amount to put in it :D

Are you thinking of taking a year out to work this summer?

Anonymous said...

Well i've been working since before the course started, but as for something in the industry, I need to get organised. Thanks to that questionnaire we did, I think I've finally taken a good look at myself and worked out (kinda) where I'm going.

I wasn't thinking about taking a year out though - you're thinking about doing that? taking a year out, or did you just mean working the summer? Sorry, i'm a bit delirious with flu at the moment=S

In either case, working the summer will definitely do wonders for your C.V., so I hope it works out for you=)

CrowbarSka said...

The idea is to take a year out, but I'd settle with anything to be honest! It seems that in this industry, getting a foot in the door is one of the hardest parts.