Sunday, 22 February 2009

Portfolio is live!

Yesterday I bought my first domain name; how exciting! So far I'm actually hosting my portfolio on the free Yahoo! Geocities, but that's just temporary until I set up my homepage space with the university. So expect to see that ad bar disappear shortly.

Anyway, it's located here:


Anonymous said...

Looks great and functions in a really simple way too: glad to see you've minimised the amount of clicking between sections.

It's good to see you've put your writing up there. I couldn't resist sending Liz a link to "An Eye On You", in some ways it reminds me of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (ie, the book that Bladerunner was loosely based on). I'm sure she will like=)

CrowbarSka said...

Much appreciated! Let me know what she thinks.

I have yet to read that, but I've seen Bladerunner and I guess it was a (subconscious) influence on the story. Also Ghost In The Shell.

Anonymous said...

Ah Ghost In The Shell=) Well, I guess the Bladerunner connection was more of an undertone really. Your story felt like it was set in that kind of gritty universe. Maybe it's just me who got that vibe though!

The book is radically different from the film, but you can see where the inspirations come from. It's been at least a few years since I read it, but I think we have it around here somewhere. If I can find it, and your interested, your welcome to borrow it.

Habboi said...

I hope you switch from Geocities to a better host sometime. It goes offline a lot which wouldn't be good if an employer is looking! ^_^

CrowbarSka said...

Yeah I'm waiting for UEL to give me some web space so I can use that (it's ad-free too). Geocities is just temporary so I can show it off to people!