Sunday, 20 July 2008

Half-Life 2 Mapping For Beginners

I just came across this on ModDB, so if anyone is reading and wants to get started with map editing for Half-Life 2 or any of the other games that use the Source engine (Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Portal, etc.) then you should check it out! It's a pretty straight-forward introduction with video tutorials too.


Anonymous said...

This is perfect for a mapping newbie like me, thanks, i'll definately get started on this when I have a free minute!

Ah.. I hope you don't mind me arriving on your blog uninvited (it's Dan from uni btw), I may stick around if that's alright with you..

CrowbarSka said...

Hey Dan! Of course it's all right! I was actually reading your blog the other day but didn't get round to commenting. How's the summer going?

Anonymous said...

Yeah not bad, struggling a bit for money really so i'm on the job hunt again but other than that pretty good. I just got back from my brother's wedding which was great.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, your always welcome, I realise I haven't posted since June but i'll get on it soon - I've been spending my days doing the Director coursework (uh..yeah I missed the deadline..) so I haven't had much time for anything else.

I'm deliberately avoiding Luminesca (great title) until I finish my own as I don't want my dreams crushed just yet;-)

Habboi said...

[quote]I'm deliberately avoiding Luminesca (great title) until I finish my own as I don't want my dreams crushed just yet;-)[/quote]

At least his game made it on the list :<

Hey Matt, just curious if you've chosen your modules.

CrowbarSka said...

No I haven't quite decided yet. I'm stuck on the last one, the choice between 'Working in the Culture Industries' and 'Management of Multimedia'. It doesn't help that they don't really tell us anything about them.

Do you reckon the 2nd one is 'managing the multimedia work you do' or 'working in management'?

Habboi said...

Let’s think logically. This is a games course and although we have had some pretty off topic courses it must still have some relevance.

It sounds like organising multimedia work but is that too good to be true >_>

CrowbarSka said...

Sounds a bit 'nothing' to me to be honest. How to sort your files into tidy folders? :D

I think the other option might be more useful in the world of work.