Sunday, 1 June 2008

Review: Audiosurf

It's been a big year or two for games recently, with huge blockbuster titles coming out left, right and centre. How surprising it is that one of my favourite new games of recent months has been a relatively unknown game -- Audiosurf -- from indie developers Invisible Handlebar.


Audiosurf is a rhythm-based game in which you control a futuristic jet vehicle thing at the bottom of the screen as it races forwards along a multi-coloured track with 3 lanes. The thing that makes this game so great is that you can import any of your own songs or sound files into it, which not only provides the soundtrack but also determines the way the track is formed. Your speed is affected by the incline of the road, which is in turn affected by the tempo and volume of the song.

Making your objective more difficult is the task of collecting coloured blocks which are littered across the track. Your vehicle will pass these squares as they appear in time to the music and, depending on your chosen playing style, you will have to collect them, avoid them or sort them into groups.


The game is beautifully simplistic and works amazingly with most songs I've tried, breathing life into music I thought I'd grown tired of in an innovative new way. This is the type of game I can see appealing to anyone providing you have at least a little bit of love for some sort of music. It's further enhanced by its online scoreboard which lets you see how well you fared against every other user in the world (based on skill level). The game is only about £5 and is available on Steam, or you can download a demo for free. Why haven't you bought it yet?!

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