Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cold Relief: a game made in 0 hours

As I was up late I decided to take part in the 0-hour game jam: a challenge to make a game in the hour gained when the clocks go back.

It was impromptu and entirely unplanned so the final game is a result of listening to Lustmord at 1:00am, combined with some floaty uncontrollability inspired by a dream I had. The original goal was to have an Antarctic environment based on the trek in At The Mountains of Madness, but this soon shifted to a more abstract dream world when it dawned on me just how quickly an hour passes.

I spent another half an hour or so polishing it off and fixing up the code a bit.

The audio was sourced from here and here. The first-person character controller is the Unity prefab with tweaked jump and movement parameters.

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