Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Out with the old...

Well, for several reasons the aforementioned Miami campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 has been cancelled, but has made way for a new campaign which should be more manageable. I'm aiming to try and recapture the dark, atmospheric tone of the first game rather than the sequel's light-heartedness in a short "there and back" campaign along the lines of Hard Rain. This doesn't mean you'll be playing the same maps again only backwards, but rather taking a more efficient route back to the start as you have a ton of zombies on your tail. I'll also be trying to work a bit of story into it and suggesting what might have happened in one of the CEDA evacuation centres.

The campaign will aim to be a short but challenging experience for Campaign mode, but its real focus is Versus mode so it will feature lots of good spots for the Special Infected to make use of their abilities, as well as doing away with those overly-abundant first aid kits! I'll also try and get a Scavenge and Survival map out of it if I get the time.

Below is an overview of the whole campaign with the coloured lines indicating the different chapters. I've got the first map blocked out and semi-textured, but have some university work to finish before I can continue.


What would you prefer? A campaign that plays well and is finished, but looks a bit ropey round the edges, or one that takes ages to be released and looks very polished?

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