Monday, 20 July 2009

L4D: Barn Survival [WIP]

Here are a couple of screenshots from a work-in-progress version of my new Survival map. The survivors find themselves stranded in a tall barn on a farm that has suffered the infection in solitude. With wide cornfields in all directions, they have no option but to take up defensive positions in the barn and hold out as long as possible.

This map features a three-tiered building, each level having its own strengths and weaknesses in defending against the horde. The main layout is pretty much done and all that's left is adding detail and play-testing (resulting in tweaks). Playable beta should be available this week! :D

Oh yeah, and I need to come up with a good name. Any suggestions?

Update: new screen


AlexG said...

Looking good man. Should be fun and chaotic.

Name suggestion:


CrowbarSka said...

Thanks! Trying to make it that way!
I'm thinking of going with "Corn of the Dead" :D

AlexG said...

Oh, nice. I like that.