Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dear game story writers...

Please stop using revenge as a primary motivation for your protagonist as it has become somewhat overused. It is also something I cannot identify with as the death of my family/loved one/dog would not cause me to stock up on weapons and go on a killing spree. I would probably just become a gibbering wreck instead, cowering in my room and crying myself to sleep at night.

On seconds thoughts, that wouldn't make a very entertaining game.

Stick with revenge.


Anonymous said...

Good point.

I admit, in one of those sorry excuses for an 'ideas journal', I once sketched out an idea for a little rpg: an emotional tale about a young orphan who sees his village slaughtered and his sister sold into slavery...yeah I'm still waiting for that phone call;-) It was crazy 3am scribbles-in-the-dark stuff, seemed good at the time..

A good read is The Big List of RPG Plots (I *think* that's the link i'm after, I can't find it in my favourites and this was the first one that Google spewed up).

You read some of the plotlines and think 'oh..'

*furious crossing out with the pencil ensues*

Habboi said...

I just watched Kill Bill 1 and they seem to focus on that a lot. Still if someone hurt my family or pet then I'd go into a rage.

Just the thought makes my blood boil.

No, I don't need anger management.

CrowbarSka said...

@Habboi: Yeah but I think that kind of reaction is adrenaline-fuelled and usually short lived. I don't think it's realistic that you would behave that way long enough to warrant a 10+ hour story.

@Rambo: That list is quite amusing but you can ruin any story by looking at it as a formula. A long enough list with enough vagueness can cover pretty much every plot and make you feel like you'll never write anything original. It's what you do with the formula that counts. :D