Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Modding Busybody

Just a quick update today to announce that I have joined not one, but two mod teams in the past week.


The first is Human Error, which is part of the Half-Life 2: Short Stories project. In this mod the player will assume the role of one of the Metrocops seen in Half-Life 2 and combat some old adversaries. Most of the level design is done at this stage, so I'll be working on detailing the environments and making them look pretty.


The second mod is Ivan's Secrets, a new story which takes place in Russia's Caucasus Mountains. It will feature some breathtaking open environments and realistic new weapons. For Ivan's Secrets I am working as a full-on level designer so I get to create entire areas from scratch. The work you see here is by JLea who is an extremely talented mapper despite being almost a decade younger than me... Not that I'm jealous or anything...

Check for updates on their respective pages, and I'll keep you posted here too!

1 comment:

Habboi said...

Is that jealously :D

2 mods and uni work plus parties? You lead a busy life :D