Saturday, 9 February 2008

Preview: Killzone 2

I just watched this video showcasing some of the new gameplay and technology in Killzone 2. I have to say I was impressed, as I have been with every trailer they've released, but it occurred to me that I was impressed with the original Killzone when I first saw it but the game simply didn't deliver what it promised. It's lacklustre, repetitive shooting gameplay was drawn out for far too long and even the visuals were not as good as previews suggested, not to mention that it was riddled with glitches. Having said that, I did play the game from start to finish but I'm really not entirely sure why, or what I really enjoyed about it. Despite the technological flaws in the visuals, I liked them from an artistic point of view. The war-torn streets and desolate wastelands were beautifully realised and gave the game's world a bleak, downbeat atmosphere which is perfect for this sort of setting. Perhaps that's what kept me playing.

To be honest, looking at the aforementioned video, I can't see the sequel breaking the mould that Killzone set. It seems that skirmishes can be won by simply running at your enemy whilst holding the fire button which immediately eliminates any of the tactical style gameplay we saw in games like Gears of War, something that I feel Killzone 2 could really benefit from. I understand that it's a game about war, but please, can't we have something other than just shooting? I felt that the first game had potential for some great story and character development but it was all packed into cutscenes while the gameplay was starved of dialogue. I think Guerilla need to take some hints from Valve's use of Alyx in Half-Life 2: Episode One and start implementing characters we can truly care for. In fact, I would extend that statement to pretty much all war shooters. I want to be upset when my companions are killed. I don't want to just be inconvenienced.

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