1. Current Projects


Indie game I am making with Unity. Luminesca is an underwater exploration game about a creature called Lum learning about the world he is born into.

2. Finished Projects

A level I made for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. You play as a prisoner who awakens in Nova Prospekt shortly after the events of Half-Life 2. Gordon Freeman has come and gone and the antlions he left there have begun to establish a colony. The player must cooperate with another prisoner -- a stranded Vortigaunt -- to get out alive.

Corn of the Dead
A survival map for Left 4 Dead set in an old barn. The structure has three levels inside with lots of gaps for Smokers to pull survivors down.

Legion Saga
A series of games using RPG Maker 2000 inspired by the Suikoden series. This was one of my early attempts at game development. The full trilogy took about 2 years to make.

3. Unfinished / Unplayable / Experimental Projects

Moving Train Project
An attempt at creating an infinitely-looping train level with the Source engine.

Atmosphere Project
An unfinished Half-Life 2 level which was inspired by the tense, foreboding atmosphere depicted in Tarkovsky's Stalker.

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